Helping kids be calmer, sleep better and learn better
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Helping kids be calmer, sleep better and learn better

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Join Mina Arakawa, Movement Therapist, for a hands-on workshop where you will learn rhythmic movements, one of the neurodevelpmental movements, you can do with children to help them:

- reduce anxiety 

- feel calmer

- regulate emotions better

- sleep better

- improve focus

- improve sensory and motor coordination required for reading, writing and sitting still

Fee: $50

*Please note the workshop is for adult caregivers and teachers.

To register contact:, 647 892 3404 

Mina believes every parent and teacher should have this tool. She has worked with people using neurodevelopmental movement, and has seen increased calmness, reduced anxiety, muscle tension and busyness of the mind to both children and adults. They are also easy to learn. 

A grade 2 teacher who taught her class rhythmic movements, and incorporated it as a daily routine reported that her class was able to sit without fidgeting, wrote better, better able to control their emotions and everybody ended up reading at the grade level and above by the end of the year. Children in her class reported that they felt calmer and slept better.

Neurodevelopmental movements are innate movements that develop in the womb and early infancy. They provide a shortcut to improving a sense of safety, reducing stress, and improving physical coordination for reading, writing and sitting still, as they stimulate the part of the brain that is activated when we, as babies, learned to process information for regulating emotions, interacting with others, and learning. In other words, these movements address the foundation that may be contributing to the issue. 

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Facilitator bio

Mina Arakawa is a yoga and movement therapist. She helps people connect with their body through awareness, and learn to listen to the body's subtle signals to take care of themselves. She considers the whole person, including their context in life and what's important to them, and empowers people to reorient their life towards decreased symptoms and stuckness and increased ownership of their selfceare and wellbeing. 

She received training in somatics, neurodevelopmental movements and therapeutic yoga, and supports clients in one-on-one sessions and group classes to achieve their goals, including reducing pain, tension, anxiety and symptoms of neurological disorders and increasing performance in sports. 

She is a parent of an 11-year-old daughter, and is excited to bring her knowledge of and experience with neurodevelopmental movement to parents and teachers.

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