I had recently been diagnosed with arthritic osteoporosis in my right knee. My life had changed and I needed to learn more about that. I had always exercised aggressively. Mina provided me with different movements that gave me the space to think and breathe and get closer to my body. I found the sessions enabled me to understand the need to slow down and catch up with myself. They gave me ideas and movements to follow and to reach out and take control of my new reality.
Mina always was careful that I was not stressed or in any sort of pain. The sessions were calming and healing moments. I really am sincere and believe she has a healing touch.
— R.E.
I have been practising yoga for many years, but a back injury has prevented me from doing this and many other activities in recent months. Mina carefully listened to my concerns and came up with an approach to each of our sessions that gently explored the pain and limitations that I have been experiencing.  She is a gentle and compassionate teacher, and helped me on my path to healing by creating simple, easy to follow exercises that have increased my mobility, reduced tension and eased pain. It was fantastic to experience this kind of private, needs-focused teaching.
— S.C.